Polyurethane coatings


The term may seem difficult but when it comes to its advantages its very simple. The use of Polyurethane for coating of materials has been in use by some industries since the start of World war two. Not only is it a thing that was used in the past but it is also becoming world famous as one of the upcoming technology of the future. The liquid form of polyurethane changes its form to solid together with its organic compounds which are low volatile in nature. Waterborne polyurethanes are ones which not only contain coatings with organic compounds which are low volatile in nature, popularly known as VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), but also have low odor which is ussually a common problem in many other coatings...

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We cannot underestimate the importance of our teeth. The major role for our teeth is of course chewing food. You want to be able to chew anything from carrots, to grilled meat and even crunchy cookies and biscuits.

Aesthetically, the good alignment of teeth makes us look more attractive. People with crooked, decayed or missing teeth do not find joy in smiling. Good teeth equals good smile. One the smile is good because your teeth appears attractive and also because there is no pain in the teeth.

A fresh breath also makes you more charming and free to talk to others. No one wants to turn to someone to speak only for that person to turn away in disgust of the smelling mouth.

How to care for your teeth

  • Regular cleaning. Brush your teeth after every meal if possible. If not, then do so twice...
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